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Matthew "Coach" Blind is a freelance floral and mixed media designer based in St. Louis, MO. While a love of flowers came early in life, the passion to turn it into a career came after a nudge from friend and mentor, Nora Case, of Flora By Nora (Denver, CO). Diving headfirst into the floral world, he began working at Alex Waldbart Florist, St. Louis MO's oldest florist, est. 1872. In addition to learning from the expert florists in St. Louis, Matthew frequently freelances with other designers across the country; picking up new trends, methods, and friends along the way. Wanting another way to share his love of flowers and floral design with the world, in 2018, he began teaching workshops and classes with other professionals in the industry, and passionate amateur designers alike.

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Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower.

John Harrigan

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